Early Hells Bay Boatworks History

SketchIf you’re interested in the origins of Hells Bay Boatworks, Chris Morejohn has been writing about his involvement in the beginnings of the company, his skiff design philosophies, building methods, techniques, and what was going on at the time in skiff building that set the Hells Bay designs and the skiff building industry on a new course.

Also on his blog are some great images of skiffs in variuos stages of design, experimentation and repair that Chris was working on during the early 80′s in Islamorada for clients like Carl Navarre, Dick Negly, Bert Scherb, Hal Chittum and others.

16 ft. Wooden Skiff Built During the Bill McCoy Rum Festival

Rick Tinsley fastens bolts on the keel of a 16-foot skiff during the Bill McCoy Rum Festival

Rick Tinsley fastens bolts on the keel of a 16-foot skiff during the Bill McCoy Rum Festival

Joe Egeberg of Daytona Beach, FL, popularized the style of wooden skiff with his brother after they bought a boat business near Chesapeake Bay in the 1970s and 1980s. He figures they built between 400 and 500 for commercial and recreational use. Since moving to Florida in 1984, he’s only built five or six. But a recent festival sponsored by the Holly Hill Historic Preservation Society  inspired a group of volunteers to build one during the festival and bring attention to the Maritime Museum.






Casting for Recovery Skiff to Debut at Black Fly Lodge

East Cape Skiffs Vantage, "Pinked Out" for Casting for Recovery.

East Cape Skiffs Vantage, “Pinked Out” for Casting for Recovery.

BlackFly Lodge introduces a new pink skiff to raise awareness for CfR’s national fly fishing retreats for women with breast cancer.

 Manchester, VT—March 31, 2014Casting for Recovery, a non-profit organization offering support and educational retreats for women with breast cancer is excited to be honored by BlackFly Lodge, a Bahamas based fly fishing operation that commissioned a pink skiff to raise awareness of breast cancer and CfR. This new boat will be used for guided fly fishing trips in the Bahamas and will feature the Casting for Recovery logo. This is the fifth boat that has a theme at BlackFly Lodge and it will be used for general guided trips as well as special trips hosted by fly fishing professionals.

Clint Kemp, managing partner of BlackFly Lodge, called on East Cape Skiffs to build the custom boat as a tribute to his aunt, Rochelle McCabe, who has just completed her breast cancer treatments in Orlando. The boat will serve as a constant reminder of the struggle endured by many and a source of hope that one day a cure for breast cancer will be discovered. BlackFly Lodge also donated a fishing trip that will be auctioned at CfR’s annual Cast One for Hope national fundraiser in Montana in October.

 “There are so many great organizations doing amazing work with breast cancer and it is our privilege to partner with Casting for Recovery,” says Clint Kemp managing partner of BlackFlyLodge. “We hope that the pink skiff will bring greater awareness to the work and mission of CfR and every name that is signed under her hatches will be a testimony to love and hope.”

“We are honored to be part of the creation of this boat and the journey it is about to embark on,” says Casting for Recovery executive director Whitney Milhoan. “This stunning boat will be a great reminder that so many people are touched by breast cancer and we are excited to follow it, chronicle its journeys and see how many lives it touches. Here at CfR we strive to create awareness and spread the love of fly fishing and that is exactly what this boat will do in the Bahamas and beyond.”