1956 Fly Fishing Demo Film

Garcia History FilmIn 1956 Garcia, the distributor for Mitchell Reels in North America, made three demonstration films to help teach people how to fish with a fly reel, an ABU 5000 bait caster and a Mitchell 300 spinning reel. This is the fly-casting film, with instructor and casting champion Johnny Dieckman performing a variety of casts, including a wicked double haul.  Remember, this was well before the invention of graphite rods.

2 thoughts on “1956 Fly Fishing Demo Film

  1. The narration and music are classic and remind me of so many Disney and original American Sportsman shows with Kurt Gowdy. Thanks for sharing this. Love seeing that Fiberglass rod load and tremble. Great shots for such an early film.

  2. It’s easy to forget how talented some of the folks shooting these films were. This was back before all of the fancy cameras, filters and editing studios–it was all literally cut and spliced, and there wasn’t much room for goof-ups and retakes.

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