Gink & Gasoline Bahamas Trip

Gink & Gasoline Bahamas Trip

Lous Cahill photo – all rights reserved


Bonefish and photography school: Louis Cahill and Kent Klewein offering a chance to go fish the Bahamas in January.

Mako Boats Pro 17 Skiff

Mako Pro 17 Skiff

Mako Pro 17 Skiff

Sam Hudson profiles the $13,595 Mako Pro 17 Skiffs for Florida Sportsman, calling them “center-console skiffs at used-boat prices.”

And Boating World published this video review of the skiff about seven months ago.

Lower Keys Laid-Up Tarpon

Paul Tejera Laid-Up TarponGuide Paul Tejera films a client fishing for laid-up tarpon on a fairly windy day. But conditions don’t stop the fish making some spectacular eats. [Read more…]


Dugout Canoe

Emil Kepko photo

If you’re old enough, you may remember the fluffy filling in life preservers (now called PFDs) that slowly hardened over time–especially if got wet.  It was made from the fiber from the seed pods of the kapok tree, which grows in the Amazon basin.  In addition to providing pillow stuffing, kapok seeds and fruits have been used for many medicinal purposes.  Indigenous tribes use its fiber to wrap around darts so they are more easily propelled from blow guns.  In modern weapons, kapok makes a handy filler for rifle cartridges.

But I think the most remarkable use of kapoks is in the form of dugout canoes.  If you travel beyond the “civilized” areas of the Amazon you’ll see that long, narrow dugouts are ubiquitous.   They are often powered by outboards and carry canvas tenting for protection from the elements.  As the kapok itself has spread from the Americas around the tropical regions of the world, so has the culture of these very successful dugout work boats.  It can take 12 men several days to build one of these craft, but the result is an enormously functional craft that is used for netting and spearing fish and transport of all types.  They are extremely efficient craft and incredibly stable work platforms.

How to Replace the Water Pump on a 25-HP Yamaha 4-Stroke

Yamaha Water PumpHow to remove the lower unit, inspect the water pump for damage, service and install a new impeller and housing, and reinstall the lower unit. [Read more…]

The Last Fishermen

UK's Last FishermenA remarkable video about the UK’s last small-boat fishermen highlights the skills of British commercial fisherman who still work out of small coastal towns and work in classic lapstrake vessels that they haul up onto the beach between trips. [Read more…]

Mavericks Win Another S.L.A.M. Tourney

Frank DelucasThe Maverick HPXs continue to make their mark on the tournament scene, being the skiff of choice for winners of the S.L.A.M. Celebrity Redbone and S.L.A.M. Superfly! division in the first week of September in Key West.

As Capt. Mark Krowka writes on the Maverick site: “Frank [Delucas] and I live-baited and caught tarpon under corks, threw the fly to tailing permit and rolling tarpon, dropped shrimp to mudding bones, “V”- waked baits to laid up poons and watched permit crunch crabs like potato chips. All stealthily and successfully pursued from the same 18′ HPX.”


Rebound“In the wake of Hurricane Issac, Greg Dini, Miles LaRose and David Mangum get on the water to check on the state of south Louisiana’s fishery.”

Still trembling…. [Read more…]

St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show Set for November 29-December 2

The 35th annual St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show will be held at the Progress Energy Center for the Arts and Albert Whitted Park from November 29 to December 2.

Where It All Starts

Theodore Robinson, "Boy in a Boat"

“Boy in a Boat,” by Theodore Robinson, circa 1880. Colby College of Museum and Art

Yes, this is where it all starts–and where it’s been starting for millenia: a boy in a slightly unstable craft, waiting for something to happen.  The gunwale is bumped up against a tree stump or post to keep it from drifting.  So he can focus on the fish.