Lowcountry Cast & Blast

Bay Street Outfitters’ Capt. Tuck Scott heads out on the water with Capt. Doug Gertis, John Holbrook and others to do the fall thing in the lowcountry.  Stealth not required for the second activity. [Read more…]

Skiff Republic on Facebook

Some pretty sharp photos are being shared on the Skiff Republic Facebook page, with our recent most-favorite being a shot taken by artist and angler Eric Estrada.

FWC Announces $5.2 Million in Fishing Access Grants

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will award twenty-seven different grants, totaling $5.2 million, for the improvement of boat ramps across the state.

Small Boat Catch-and-Release Billfishing

Australian angler Joshua Lyon goes billfishing out of Weipa in a small open boat and solo-catches a sailfish. [Read more…]

USS Bonefish

USS Bonefish Gato-class Sub

Wikipedia Image

The U.S. Gato-class submarine Bonefish was commissioned in 1943 and completed seven patrols in the Pacific, sinking or damaging more than 30 Japanese ships before being sunk in a destroyer counterattack on her eighth cruise.  In 1959 another USS Bonefish was commissioned and sponsored by the widow of the first Bonefish‘s captain.

Wikipedia mistakenly suggests that the original Bonefish was named after a fish that was either the ladyfish, dogfish, or sturgeon.  In fact surviving Chief Warrant Officer Cornelius R. (Bart) Bartholomew provided an image of the Bonefish wardroom scoreboard with a clear illustration of a bonefish.

Danger Zone

Marlin Jumps Into BoatIf you’re going to make the choice to back down on a feisty 600-pound marlin in rough seas, best to capture it all with four different cameras that all happen to be perfectly positioned to record the event.  [Read more…]

Dry Launch Tip – Gulf Wax

If your skiff and trailer combo allow for a dry launch (wheels barely touching the water), you know that carpeted bunks need to be re-conditioned every so often to allow for easy sliding.

Many of the folks we know use silicon spray to keep their bunks slippery, and it does the job, but Gulf Wax is an overlooked household product that makes a great lubricant and is also eco-friendly and very inexpensive to use.  To apply, simply grab a block in your hand and run it all over the carpet.  Lubricating only the lower portion of the bunks will still allow for some friction and some margin for error.  One word of caution: after you’ve slicked down your bunks, make sure you do not unhook your vessel before backing down the ramp.

Distress Signals

Boating Distress FlareDistress signaling can be compared to trying to tell someone you’re choking: when you actually need to tell someone that you’re in trouble, you may be so freaked out that you can’t remember what’s a legitimate signal and what might be confused as something else.  So every boat owner should know the signals that are acceptable, from waving your arms over your head (the one you’ll probably use most), to placing  piece of orange-colored canvas with either a black square and circle on the deck so that planes flying overhead know that you’re in trouble.

The Daily Boater kindly lists all the options in Rule 37 of the USCG COLREGS (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea), and it’s worth a review even if you’re a licensed captain.

East Cape Gray Vantage with 115 Mercury Pro XS

East Cape Skiffs Gray VantageThe latest skiff out of East Cape Skiff’s shop is this Vantage VHP, powered by a Mercury 115 Pro XS, with lean bar, offset center console, GPS, and Power-pole. [Read more…]

Fishing Los Roques

Business Jet Traveler writes about fishing Los Roques, where the local guiding culture is strong and the flats big and varied.