Aubut Spinning Rod for Tarpon

Aubut Tarpon Spinning RodChris Aubut and Keys guide Aaron Snell discuss a new softer spinning rod Aubut designed for dealing with tarpon. [Read more…]

Two Miles Out

CA Richardson tells the story of his client landing a 190-pound tarpon during a crab hatch this past summer.

“Bonefish As Bait”

This response on a Lee County, Florida Web site to a member’s question about using bonefish as bait is about as apt a response as I could conjure: “I betcha every die-hard saltwater flats fly fisherman would beat the absolute living sh*t out of you AND your uncle for using a bonefish as bait, whether it’s legal or not.”

The fact is I have heard many stories of fisherman catching bonefish in cast nets on the Florida west coast.  And on the “bait” side of things, bonefish are still used as bait for billfish by commercial and non-commercial captains all over the Caribbean.   Apparently a 12-inch bonefish, with its conical nose, makes a perfect marlin teaser.  Bonefish have long been a traditional bait for big billfish.

Fortunately, the tide has turned against dragging dead bonefish behind giant sportfishers for hours, at least wherever flats fishing contributes to the economy.

Deep Water Cay

Deep Water CaySome nice imagery and sounds in this new promo video for the Deep Water Cay club on the east end of Grand Bahama. [Read more…]

Video: “Save the Sawfish”

Smalltooth SawfishPRESSLAUNCH ( produced this video for the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and Hell’s Bay.  It features Hell’s Bay owner Chris Peterson, the Miami Herald’s Sue Cocking, IGFA president Rob Kramer, University of Florida scientist George Burgess, and a guide out of Bud N’ Mary’s.

The video is a truly unique look at Florida’s largest inshore fish, the first marine species protected by the Endangered Species Act, and one of the most endangered fish on Earth– the smalltooth sawfish. [Read more…]

Tying a Lemon Lime Tarpon Fly

Lemon Lime Tarpon FlyFishBuzzTV ties a tarpon fly created to entice fish in clear water. [Read more…]

Lenco to Stop Selling Tab-Mounted Trolling Motors

Lenco Troll Trim Tab MotorsMy experience with tab-mounted trolling motors is limited, but there’s no question that Lenco’s product provided a great alternative for anglers who wanted a bit of assistance with their poling.  Their chief disadvantage is that they don’t provide directional control; most guides I know who use them still steer with the pushpole.  The few times I’ve fished with them I used them to quickly get to a channel or approach a flat from deep water.  But guides like Simon Becker of Florida’s Lower Keys have been using them for years.

This past summer we spoke to a Lenco customer service rep who said that they would not continue supporting the motors–which are made by Motorguide–and a manufacturer recently confirmed that the product won’t be continued.

Stu Apte Talks About the Beavertail Signature Series

Beavertail Stu Apte SkiffStu Apte, who has been involved in several skiff designs  in the past, touts Aeon Marine’s 2012 Beavertail Stu Apte Series skiff. [Read more…]

EPA Agrees to Establish Pollution Limits for Florida Bays and Estuaries

Today a Florida federal judge today forced the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to establish numeric pollution limits for some 100,000 miles of Florida waterways and 4,000 square miles of estuaries, ending years of court battles and delays.

Podcast: Paul Sonnen Garage-Built Skiff

Paul Sonnen SkiffZach Matthews interviews Alabama coastal guide Paul Sonnen, who describes his garage-built Flats Stalker 18 skiff as looking something “like a surfboard with an engine on the back.”

Sonnen tells about learning how to build a skiff with Internet references and help from online forum participants, then how he went on to build a highly finished final product with a “stitch and glue method“–including using a lot of twist ties in the construction.