The New Maverick 17 HPX-S

The new Maverick HPX-S

The new Maverick HPX-S

Here’s a look at the new HPX-S skiff from Maverick. Well known for their HPX-V II, and HPX-T models, the new Maverick HPX-S is the latest edition to the Maverick lineup and draws less than 6 inches of water.



Maverick 17 HPX-S from Maverick Boat Company, Inc. on Vimeo.

Costa Merger to Broaden Product Offerings

Costa Inc. and Essilor International recently completed its previously announced
merger agreement, bringing together two technology-minded partners committed to
building and defining the next generation of sun lens technology.

The merger also enables Costa to leverage Essilor’s expertise in surface
coatings to develop innovative products in response to specific needs, such as
anti-fog or hydrophobic lenses. In the prescription sunglasses segment, Essilor
and Costa will work together to broaden product offerings.

Snook and Gamefish Foundation Joins Gill Net Fight

gil-net-redThe Snook and Gamefish Foundation is participating in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s litigation against the Wakulla Fisherman’s Association attack on Florida’s long standing net ban.  The Court officially granted the Foundation’s right to participate in the case on Jan. 29, which  means the court will give full consideration to its brief in support of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s position in defense of the net ban and related administrative rules.