$3000 Inflatable Flats Boat

Bare Bones Flats Boat

Bare Bones Inflatable Flats Boat

Richard Swan, an avid fly fisherman and entrepreneur and formerly CEO and founder of Glacier Glove, has just announced his latest product: an inflatable flats boat that can be checked as luggage or fit into a car trunk and set up in about ten minutes.  The boat will be introduced at the Miami International Boat Show, Feb. 14-18 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

One to two adult anglers can stand up and cast from the Bare Bones™ thanks to an innovative drop stitched floor. Drop Stitch construction is widely used in inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) and greatly improves stability. The light weight design floats in five inches of water. In addition, the frame offers two sets of oar locks strategically placed to allow the Bare Bones™ to be rowed facing either the stern or the bow. Facing the stern provides the greatest rowing power, while facing the bow, allows the rower to see the fish and move the boat with precision to the best casting position. “Flats boats have traditionally been poled on the flats, a skill that takes a lot of practice to acquire,” said Swan. “The Bare Bones™ offers the option of rowing, a skill that most fisherman already possess.”

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