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Marshall Cutchin Skiff RepublicPublisher

Skiff Republic founder and publisher Marshall Cutchin has been fishing from small boats for his entire life.  He started poling wooden jon boats and “graining” for flounder at age six and now pushes high-performance fishing skiffs around.  Marshall was a fishing guide in the lower Florida Keys and Key West from 1985 to 1997.  He is also publisher of the most popular fly fishing Web site in the world, MidCurrent.com.

You can contact Marshall directly at mcutchin@skiffrepublic.com or mcutchin@midcurrent.com.

Advisory Board

Thomas McGuane – Not just an author of prize-winning novels, short stories, screenplays and essays, Tom McGuane is an expert small-boat fisherman and a student of skiff design and history.   He is an avid sailor as well, and spends more time on the water than any other writer we know.

Steve Huff – Ask any modern saltwater fishing guide whom they consider an icon in their profession, and Steve Huff’s name is likely to be mentioned.  Steve was not only one of the first fishing guides to take the lessons from poling and fishing and turn them into thoughts about skiff design (hand-building his first technical skiff),  he also is a craftsman, inventor and tinkerer, with an unusual talent for improving small boat function.


  1. Like the thought of this site. Hope we will keep getting some good information and a look into cool performance skiffs. I am a skiff junky and would like to have one of everything sitting in the garage. There are many that are new to the shallow water skiff world, keep the content pure.

    Tight Lines!

  2. Hey Marshall, cool concept brother. You must be the hardest working man in the worldwide web! I hope Skiff Republic is as big a success as MidCurrent. I will certainly be one of the skiff junkies that frequents the site.

  3. All I want for Christmas is one of those Sweet Skiff Republic LS shirts. Let me know when you have them made. Thanks Marshall for keeping the passion alive for all of us who like to frequent this site.

  4. http://Marshall%20Cutchin says


    Shirts are coming, I promise! Thanks for the words of encouragement!


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