Airboat Fishing with Joan Wulff

Joan Wulff Bass FishingI’m lucky to know Joan Wulff and be able to have dinner with her at least once a year, so I got quite a chuckle out of this discovery on YouTube.  It’s Joan spin-fishing from an airboat and wading for bass in the Everglades in the 1960s.  (I’m guessing that being a “Garcia girl” is no longer high on her list of priorities.)  Even by the time this video was made, Joan had won several international fly-casting competitions and was recognized as one of the finest casters in the world.  She began fishing with her husband Lee in the Keys about this same time and still has a home there.

Joan went on to produce the best-selling fly casting instructional DVD ever made and just recently came out with a new book, Joan Wulff’s New Fly Casting Techniques.


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