Beware the Biting Permit

PermitIf you’ve been fishing for permit as long as we have, you might think you’ve heard it all when it comes to rumors about permit behavior.  This video contains some decent footage of permit scrounging for food, but it suggests something we’ve never heard before: permit in schools become aggressive and deliver dangerous bites!
(Apparently they go for the pinkie.)


  1. This is an excellent video of permit feeding underwater near some rocky reefs.
    While surf-fishing around the inlets in North East Florida, quite often schools of what we thought were small pompano would come and nibble on our legs. These fish were less than 2 inches long and had orange/red tipped fins, later I found out that they were probably permit.
    The narrator of this video did rely on some misinformation, adult permit have hard rubbery lips, their crushers are back in their throat where they can’t harm you unless you stuck your finger back there.

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