Blending In

Columbia Delta Camo

Columbia PFG Tamiami Camo Long Sleeve, in Delta Camo

A comment last week by a long-time guide about the advantages of poling from the deck–“It’s a heck of a lot easier to sneak up on tailing fish”–got me thinking about the new lines of camo-wear designed specifically for anglers and new for 2013.   Columbia‘s Amphibious Assault line is has that distinctly digitized look common to modern military camo, while Simms‘s Cloud Camo goes au naturale.   Does either help you get closer to fish without being detected?  They likely both do, but only if you’ve first considered all the other aspects of stealth like a silent approach and delivery of your cast with as little motion as possible.

Del Brown used to occasionally wear a fluorescent green hat while we fished for permit, mostly just to annoy me.  It worked–he missed more than a few shots at fish that saw him far sooner than they should have.  Unless you’re looking to heighten the challenge like that, blending in with the sky ain’t a bad idea at all.

Simms Cloud Camo

Simms’s Cloud Camo


  1. I was all about the camo fishing shirts a few years back, but it seemed like until recently, the few companies that made those fishing camo long-sleeve shirts went out of business or vanished from the market. I’m glad to see Columbia and Simms are bringing them back, and by the looks, they’re both improving the quality of the camouflage patterns and the diversity of them. I’m looking forward to picking a couple of these up this year.

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