Chicone Crab Fly: “Buffetized” Version

Andrew Chicone Crab FlyAndrew Chicone, a talented young tier on Florida’s west coast, has taken Simon Becker’s Hover Crab concept and “Buffetized” it for mass production, using a bottle cap to stamp out the fly bodies. ┬áHe sent us this message on Facebook last night:

“Many moons ago you set me up with a good buddy of yours down on Cudjoe Key, Capt. Simon Becker. We were throwing a floating crab pattern he called a Hover Crab in some really small sizes that looked great. Anyway, I started modifying it so it would still float in larger sizes and I came up with a pretty slick way to bang them out fast… and recycle old fly lines. Thanks to Jimmy Buffett, I’m using a (pop top) bottle cap to quickly cut perfect shells. The larger diameter fly line is easier to work with than silli legs and gives the fly a much better silhouette. It’s a fast tie and the fly line holds marker really well so it can be modified to mimmic the coloration of crabs wherever you may be. I think with the extra buoyancy this rascal could be tied in lager sizes for Tarpon as well!

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Chicone Crab Fly