Cracked Crab Bonefish Fly

cracked_crabA Cracked Crab bonefish, redfish and permit pattern, tied by 


  1. http://Jay%20Townsend says

    Some interesting techniques used in that fly, but I always wonder why most tiers tie the body (EP fiber here) on the top of the hook shank when this is obviously a hook up riding fly. I would think on the underside of the hook shank (as the fish will be viewing it) would make a lot more sense both for hyrdo-floatation of the EP fiber and the look of the fly.

    • Did you just say “hydro-flotation” (and misspell both words)?

      Just kidding. In my experience it doesn’t actually matter very much what side since the material is pinched there by the figure-8’s of thread and all you really see is the wraps. I personally go with your suggestion (on the “top” of the fly whichever way it’s supposed to ride). So for Toad style flies I tie opposite the hook point and reverse that for Merkins. Still, don’t think it matters to the fish one lick.

      … don’t know why I took the time to comment to that comment but it sort of peaked my interest.

  2. http://Michael%20Rosa says

    You are right Windknot, that Townsend character sure knows how to pique one’s interest. Know I have to fish all my Merkins upside down because of that guy!

  3. http://Jay%20Townsend says

    I can barely speak, let alone spell 🙂

    Michael, there is hope for you yet