Eric Estrada Art

Eric Estrada ArtWe ran across Eric Estrada’s art after some deep digging in fishing and boat forums a couple of months ago, and since then we’ve come to appreciate his unique graffiti-inspired style and south Florida gangstery¬†je ne sais quoi.

Eric was featured on MidCurrent last month, and in the bio there he reveals some of the backstory for his work: “I spent every weekend of my childhood in the Keys, from Key Largo to Key West, wading with my parents and fishing from boats and bridges. ¬†My father is a sign painter by trade and was always painting. When I hit high school, I began doing graffiti. That phase lasted through high school, and when I was 16 a local well-known graffiti artist asked me to be his assistant. I began assisting him in painting high-end power boats, doing custom graphics on the hulls.”

You can see more of his work–and some of the videos he’s been involved in making–on

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