Florida Moves to Make Tarpon a Catch-and-Release-Only Species

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has voted to move forward with plans to make tarpon a catch and release only species, thereby prohibiting gaff and drag PTTS-style fishing. The proposal is backed by Save The Tarpon Inc. and other conservation groups.


  1. ken norris says:

    It is already illegal except w/ a tag. The law reads immediately released “alive and unharmed” and sticking a hole in the lip/throat and dragging the fish hundreds of yards does not cut it. The lack of political wil is typical..

  2. Michael Rosa says:

    If it puts a stop that madness masked as a tournament I’m for it. That dredging/jigging is killing big females and the future of the fishery. The carcass count after one of those fiascos is eye opening.

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