Gator Tail Picadillo and Other Secret Backcountry Recipes

Carl Hiaasen ChompIt’s hard to forget the first time a gator comes up and challenges you over the redfish that you’ve worked so hard to get, hissing and humping and generally doing his most badass modern dinosaur imitation.   There is a form of revenge available, though.  Consider alligator what Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods, calls a “stunning alternative protein.”

Of course if you really want to help in the battle against invasive species, you could choose to hunt and cook what some South Americans call “the chicken of the trees.”  Heck, the residents of Gasparilla might even pay you to make a meal of their pesky invaders.

Not challenging enough?  Reports are that python meat is “chewy but sweet.”  And the first cook to take on a giant boa constrictor will get a free copy of Carl Hiaasen’s new book Chomp.   We might even be able to get Carl to sign it.


  1. Capt Bob LeMay says:

    Don’t know what’s better… a new book by Hiassen or a new recipe for picadillo. Landing in Miami in the late summer of 1971, I learned to enjoy both.. cuban cooking (and yes, I know a few Cubans who consider picadillo “peasant food”), and the writings of Mr. Hiassen. Believe I’ll give the ‘gator meat a pass and use something a bit more civilized if I try that recipe.

    Civilized doesn’t describe the Miami I’ve known all these years, though…

  2. Marshall Cutchin says:

    Ever since I took my son to eat at El Siboney in Key West, his idea of the perfect meal is roast pork with onions. He hasn’t had picadillo yet, but it’s on the list.

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