Maverick’s New 17 HPX-V 2

Maverick 2013 HPX-V 2Maverick 2013 HPX-V 2

Maverick 2013 HPX-V 2

Yes, they added a ‘2’ to the name to help distinguish it as a new model, but the only visible changes to Maverick’s long-live HPX line (which started with the Mirage in the 1990s) is a reconfiguration of the hatch and livewell/storage layout.

I spoke with Charlie Johnson, Maverick’s marketing director, just after the Miami Boat Show this past weekend, and he said that the new 17 HPX-V 2 helped them reach record sales at the show.   Continuing a trend that started about two years ago, it’s nice to hear that one of the mainline brands is reporting growth.  Johnson fished on the new 17, rigged with a 70 Yamaha, during the show and and reported: “Two or three shoves of the pushpole and that skiff is going.   It tracks better than any skiff I’ve poled in that size range.”

So what’s the new cap and deck layout all about?   “The newer layout simply makes the boat much more user-friendly,” said Johnson. ” There’s more storage in the bow and stern, and it’s all much easier to access. Plus, the livewell is  now on the centerline, which helps with balance and stability, and there’s a padded lip underneath where the back deck protrudes slightly into the cockpit that functions as a very comfortable handhold for passengers. All this was done without impacting the famous 17 HPX-V ride.”

I’ll be spending some time hands-on in the new skiff in a few weeks and will be able to offer up my personal impressions then.  If anyone has specific questions about the skiff, add them to the comments here or send them to me at

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