Minn Kota Talon Promotion

Minn Kota Talon

Minn Kota Talon

Minn Kota is giving away four of their new 12-foot Talon shallow water anchors.  New to the market in 2014, the new Talon models are 30 percent quieter and stronger.  They are available in red, blue, black or silver.  The Talon is the deepest shallow water anchor on the market and also comes in a 10-foot depth.  [Read more…]

One Man’s Skiff Renovation; Part I

Seth Vernon, an excellent Wilmington NC guide walks us through part 1 of his Beavertail B2 skiff renovation – stripping the boat of all the current hardware, SeaDek, sanding the non-skid off and prepping the deck and cockpit for AwlGrip paint and new non-skid.  We’ll check back in next week and see what he’s up too in part II, but in the meantime here’s a few images from part I.

Removing hardware and SeaDek

Removing hardware and SeaDek

Making a few modifications to the hull

Beavertail B2 Renovation

A few hull modifications

Lots of sanding getting the topside gel coat ready for new Awlgrip

Getting ready for some Awlgrip and new non-skid

Getting ready for some Awlgrip and new non-skid


Currituck Sound Skiffs

A Currituck Duck Skiff

A Currituck Duck Skiff

Currituck Sound, along North Carolina’s Northern Outer Banks is one of the world’s great duck hunting venues.  I grew up in a family of duck hunters and was fortunate to hunt there on occasion.  It is an area steeped in watermen culture, tradition, and boat-building dating back more than a century.  In an effort to preserve and document the area’s unique boating culture and boat-building skills, students at East Carolina University are creating digitized models of deteriorating wooden skiffs from the likes of legendary Currituck boat builders such as Pat O’Neal and Oscar Roberts not only for historical preservation, but also as a tool for understanding how to re-create and model shipwrecked vessels.






The Lure of Fishing

The Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee recently announced that an exhibit dedicated to Florida’s rich fishing history will open to the public on March 13, 2014 and be on display throughout the month of August.  Artifacts, including artwork, historic images, trophies, fish mounts and tackle tell the tale of sport fishing in the Sunshine State.  Two prestigious trophies, the Mrs. Henry Rea Silver Sailfish Derby trophy from the West Palm Beach Fishing Club and the Metropolitan Miami Fishing Tournament’s Henry H. Hyman Memorial trophy from the International Game Fish Association will be featured in the exhibit.

Silver Kings TV

Silver Kings is an Outdoor show filmed in and around the time of the tarpon tournaments in Islamorada, Florida.  The stunning beauty of the Florida Keys and Islamorada is on full display and the fast and furious action of two guides and their clients fly-fishing for tarpon in the most unique fishing environment in the US…the Florida Keys.  Here’s a show trailer, but you can learn more about the show at www.silverkingstv.com and watch an episode or two.  There is some great footage of guides and anglers working really hard late in the day, which underscores the importance of always keeping your head in the game, even when the conditions and getting bites are tough.

SILVER KINGS Series Open Tease from Marty Dashiell on Vimeo.

Original 1971 Bassmaster Classic Rebel

1971 Classic Rebel

1971 Classic Rebel

In 1971, Ray Scott, the Founder of B.A.S.S. secretly ordered 24 identical boats from a little known manufacturer for selected anglers to fish an unknown to them location in the very first Bassmaster Classic.  When their chartered plane landed in Las Vegas, Nevada to fish Lake Mead, the boats were lined up, numbered and waiting in the water.  40 years later, a numbered red boat caught the eye of North Carolinian Doyle Hodgin while driving down the road.  What he discovered that day is thought to be the only surviving boat from that event.

15 HP Propane Outboard

Lehr's New 15 HP Propane Outboard

Lehr’s New 15 HP Propane Outboard

This week at the Miami Boat Show, Lehr’s Outboards will introduce their newest propane burning 15 HP four-stroke model.  This is their fourth model in the line of clean burning fuel efficient engines.  The engine also comes with an internal starting battery weighing less than 2 lbs and is available in both 15″ and 20″ shaft lengths.  [Read more…]

The New Maverick 17 HPX-S

The new Maverick HPX-S

The new Maverick HPX-S

Here’s a look at the new HPX-S skiff from Maverick. Well known for their HPX-V II, and HPX-T models, the new Maverick HPX-S is the latest edition to the Maverick lineup and draws less than 6 inches of water.



Maverick 17 HPX-S from Maverick Boat Company, Inc. on Vimeo.

Costa Merger to Broaden Product Offerings

Costa Inc. and Essilor International recently completed its previously announced
merger agreement, bringing together two technology-minded partners committed to
building and defining the next generation of sun lens technology.

The merger also enables Costa to leverage Essilor’s expertise in surface
coatings to develop innovative products in response to specific needs, such as
anti-fog or hydrophobic lenses. In the prescription sunglasses segment, Essilor
and Costa will work together to broaden product offerings.

Snook and Gamefish Foundation Joins Gill Net Fight

gil-net-redThe Snook and Gamefish Foundation is participating in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s litigation against the Wakulla Fisherman’s Association attack on Florida’s long standing net ban.  The Court officially granted the Foundation’s right to participate in the case on Jan. 29, which  means the court will give full consideration to its brief in support of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s position in defense of the net ban and related administrative rules.