Rod Protection: I’ll Take the Pledge

That’s right, I said Pledge®–the same stuff your mom used to clean furniture (back when furniture was made of real wood).   This tip was passed along to me by an old Key West guide back in the 1980s when I asked what would help protect my fishing rods.   Pledge actually does a remarkable job of putting a shine on not just on the rod itself but on the guides as well, and in my experience it provides a layer of protection to both.  Maybe that’s because it contains “silicone formers” in an “isoparaffin carrier” and octylphosphonic acid–a corrosion inhibitor.

Believe it or not you can also clean sunglasses with the product.  It won’t streak, and leaves a nice shine on lenses.  I’m sure it breaks all kinds of lens cleaning rules though, so check with your sunglass manufacturer before trying it.

On a somewhat related note, never put ArmorAll® on any fly lines or PVC products–it has ingredients that break down polymers and will leave your lines cracked.  The best thing for cleaning a fly line is  plain old warm water and mild soap.


  1. Yeah Pledge on the rods!! Feels like I’m 12 again! Don’t forget Sno-Bowl for rust stains on the boat… And Sally Hansen’s for high gloss fly heads & sticky epoxy cures!! They all still work!!!!!!!

  2. http://Marshall%20Cutchin says

    Never heard of those before, Cole. Thanks.