“Silver Lining”

benson_silverliningI was fortunate to see an early edit of this new short film by Will Benson a couple of months ago, and it must be said that ignoring the gorgeous shots of gulping tarpon is pretty hard.  But the real message here is that once again the local government in Key West is willing to sell their paradise to the highest bidder–in this case mega cruise ships, most of them registered in foreign countries so that they don’t have to obey US laws regarding pollution or environmental damage.

Worth watching for the sips and jumps, but media that needs and deserves some love on your favorite social media channel.


  1. I’m glad I watched this Lisa, and I am with you and Todd on this issue. Love to you, Todd and the children, Aunt Viola .

  2. Being from the Cayman Islands I know all I need to about cruise liners and the corporations that run them (and seem to think the run the Caribbean as well). We had no Hardrock Cafe before cruise ships, no Margaritaville. We had a thriving coral ecosystem in the harbour, with clean, unsilted water to keep it that way. I could go on, but that seems like enough, really.

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