Stu Apte and the Citrus Queen

Stu Apte Citrus QueenAh, the good ole days, when real men poled standing next to the engine and beauty queens coated in coconut oil observed the action from the comfort of genuine naugahyde.

There’s plenty of angling detail in this old video, including the use of a “stiffener” inserted into the fiberglass rod butt, Stu applying finger pressure to the line, and a demonstration of how hard it was to set a hook in the days of highly flexible rods and thick wire hooks.┬áStu was likely fishing in one of the Lower Keys bights where guides of the era had discovered some very large laid-up tarpon.


  1. http://Mr%20Fibercraft says

    Stu, I don’t know if you would remember but my dad, Tom Bennett, my brother Richard and I had dinner with you one night at your home on Little Torch Key. Dad was delivering your new Fibercraft Rebel. We went fishing with you earlier in the day and were caught in a storm out around Content. As I remember you had a German Shepard, I was about 10 or 12 at the time. Let me know if you remember any of this.