The Best Fifteen Bucks You’ll Ever Spend

Stainless Steel Hook RemoverThere are very few pieces of equipment that I’ve held on to–or that have lasted–for more than ten years.  In fact, the only one I think of, other than fly rods and reels, is my stainless steel hook remover.

Why did it deserve a permanent place in my skiff?  Let’s just count the things I have done with it:

  1. Removed innumerable barracuda flies from toothy gullets.
  2. Removed dozens of shark flies for in-the-water releases.
  3. Removed hooks from particularly tough parts of tarpon, permit and bonefish mouths without twisting.
  4. Retrieved various bolts, screws, flies, and random items from engine pans and drains.
  5. Retrieved various items from the kitchen disposal that didn’t belong there.

What’s more, these devices are so well designed and so simple that they are almost indestructible.  Just be wary of some of the cheaper models that may not use top-quality steel and springs.

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