GPS and Human Error: Finding Your Way

GPS for Fishing“The turn-by-turn instructions of GPS-based navigation systems, ingeniously designed though they may be, can’t always save us from ourselves.” Randall Stross writes in this morning’s New York Times about the “normal natural troubles of driving with a GPS” and reveals what we knew intuitively all along: that skill atrophy is part of the equation.

Is this true for driving small boats too?  You bet it is.  Turn-by-turn instructions are invaluable in getting oriented to new places, but when they prevent you from doing things that help imprint your memory — like always looking back to remember images of what the return trip should look like — they can actually slow your learning down.


  1. The “where would I be without” GPS boat owners these days are losing a very valuable lesson on truly learning their inshore fishing area. I have always told new anglers the best way to learn a new area is the same and moving to a new city, start block by block or section by section. Get lost a little, that is fun. Does new GPS technology make you a better inshore angler, I don’t think so. It just marks where you are fishing and if you need your GPS to tell you that, you shouldn’t be there.